MILAN, Italy – Singing  at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.  It  is the  greatest  wish of Veneto Mens Choir  after  participating  at the Miriam Pedrotti Festival 2011 last April 30, 2011 at the Centro Asteria Auditorium  here.

“Whispers of life from harmonies of the world” was the theme of the music and dance festiva. It   was participated not only by Filipinos but Latin-Americans as well and was attended by different  foreign residents.

The festival aims to further promote integration of the immigrants to the Italian society.  It also believes that by music and dance, immigrants  will be able to introduce culture and traditions  of the  country where they came from.

The Veneto Mens Choir which was composed of 18 males from different provinces of Veneto such as  Treviso, Padova, Vicenza and   Venice was the Filipino  pride that night. 

After their considerably successful participation, the group showed optimism that their dream of performing at  St. Peter’s Basilica will be achieved. 

“Kagaya nyan nagsisimula pa lang kami, di namin ini-expect na magkakaroon  agad kami ng concert   dito sa Milan,  sabagay ang concert na ito, di naman ito labanan pero sa grupong nagsisimula, malaking bagay na ito,. Ito’y isang magandang   experience, it’s a blessing sabi nga” Andrew Templo Avecilla,  the choir’s pianist said. 

While for choir member Danny Fernandez, being in the group alone is  a big challenge.  “Ito yun pinaka-importante para sa akin, para sa amin, unang-una, para sa akin na hindi talaga singer na tulad nila, ito ay malaking blessing para sa akin dahil nasama ako sa Veneto Mens Choir”

The  Miriam Pedrotti festival was also participated by talents from Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia who performed traditional dances such as Cueca, Amorfino, Yaravi, Marinera and Pampegna di Arequipa, Currulao and  Cumbia. (by: ZITA BARON)