Phl Embassy Conducts Consular Outreach in Bari, Italy

altA consular team was sent to Bari, Italy to extend consular services to Filipinos in the Puglia region.

The consular outreach was held on 19-20 November 2011, in close collaboration and with the assistance of the Filipino community in Bari.The team was joined by the labor (POLO) and welfare (OWWA) officers and a representative from Pag-Ibig to provide labor, welfare and other services.

altA total of 131 electronic passport (ePassport) applications were processed on-site, with more than 100 Filipinos serviced with other requested documents such as registration of births and marriages, notarials (authentication, SPA, affidavits and certifications), labor contract verification, OWWA membership and Pag-Ibig services. (Phil. Embassy Rome)